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Come receive the Gifts of the Magi via the Living Sky!

Gold -the gift of a King =Healing and Vitalizing Insight
Incense -the gift of a Priest =Uplifting Spiritual Inspiration
Myrrh -the gift of a Shaman =Releasing the Past & allowing Re-Birth

The Archetypes of Astrology, Tarot & Magic can often bring tremendous Healing and vitalizing Insight into almost any Life situation. The spectacular movements of the Living Sky are very Inspiring! Astrological cycles provide a concrete, tangible model for Re-birth. The practical benefits of Astrology include: Self Knowledge & Awareness, Forecasts & Future Planning, Supportive skills and tools, Soul Emergence & Spiritual Growth, and much more!

"Thanks again for the best reading ever!  It really helped ground me and look at my chart from a different angle and I already feel so much better with my Saturn Return." -Tori in OH  Click here to view my credentials and more testimonials


Harness the Power of Astrology, Tarot & Magic to Empower your Life

Book a Consultation Today! Standard consult times are 10am & 1pm Eastern M-F via Zoom mtg. Recorded digitally in mp4. To inquire for other availability or further details, send e-mail to: dreamastrologer (at) yahoo (dot) com

New Clients or Relationship consults: 90-120 minutes $275
For new clients I take the extra time to  draw up all your charts and study them in detail before the session.  Relationship, family, business or other consults requiring multiple charts also book at this rate.

Return Client "Check-ins" 60-90 minutes $199
For return customers
who have already had a full reading with me, "check-ins" are recommended at least once yearly, as the Living Sky constantly changes!


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