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Lecture Tour Schedule

A veteran speaker, Gary enjoys a busy public speaking schedule and frequently lectures for local groups as well as regional, national and international conferences.

2018 Rubedo Tour II
Sedona, AZ - Sedona Creative Life Center SCLC
Cashiers, NC -the High Hampton Inn
Chicago, IL -May 24-29, 2018: United Astrology Conference* UAC
Ann Arbor, MI -July 12-16, 2018: Great Lakes Astrology Conference* GLAC

Minneapolis/St Paul, MN -Aug 4, 2018: Minneapolis NCGR STARS
Moffat, CO -Aug 9-12, 2018: Sky Astrology Conference* II SAC II

Gary has presented for 45 organizations in 24 states and 4 countries:
organizations with a * I have presented for multiple times

Regional, National & International events:
Co-founder of the - Sky Astrology Conference* (2015 & 2018)
State Of The Art astrology conference* (2015 & 2017), SOTA
The Astrological Association of Great Britain's annual conference (2014)
ISAR international conference -photo exhibition (2014)
Shamanic Astrology Mystery School annual conference (2014)  SAMS
Breaking Down the Borders -International Cyber Conference*
NorthWest Astrology conference NORWAC (2012)
United Astrology Conference* UAC (08/Denver, 12/NOLA & 18/Chicago)
NCGR National Conference* - (2007, 2010 & 2017)

2016-17 Rubedo tour
Cleveland, OH - Sep 23-24 2016 IAA; -Sep 26, 2016 LCAA
Annapolis, MD Oct 8, 2016 NCGR -Annapolis Chapter* Annapolis NCGR
Baltimore, MD - "The Many Faces Of Astrology" NCGR 2017
Ann Arbor, MI - Great Lakes Astrology Conference GLAC 2017

Baltimore, MD -Baltimore Astrological Society* BAS
Cheektowaga, NY -State Of The Art Astrology Conference, SOTA

Jupiter, Spica and Corvus above Cathedral Rock -Rubedo Tour 2017

2015 Albedo tour
Eleuthera, Bahamas -Sky Astrology Conference
Cheektowaga, NY SOTA*
Richmond NCGR*
Raleigh NCGR*
Hartford, CT Astrology Society of Connecticut, ASC
Toronto, Ontario, Canada Astrology Toronto

Jupiter and Venus over Niagara Falls -Albedo Tour 2015

2014 Nigredo tour
Cleveland, OH -Lake County Astrological Association,* LCAA on Facebook
Louisville, KY Astrological Society of Kentucky
San Francisco, CA -California Institute of Integral Studies
San Francisco, CA NCGR San Francisco

London, UK The Astrological Lodge of London
Ft Worth, TX Astrological Society of North Texas ASNT

The bright fixed star Vega over Mt Shasta -Nigredo Tour 2014

2012 Union tour
Jacksonville, FL*  North Florida Astrological Association
Ft Lauderdale, FL  South Florida Astrological Association
Atlanta, GA - The Astrology Friends Forum
Seattle, WA -Washington State Astrological Association, WSAA
Portland, OR -Oregon Astrological Association, OAA

New Orleans, LA -United Astrology Conference* -UAC12

Seattle's Space Needle from Capitol Hill -Union Tour 2012

2011 Illumination tour
Washington, DC*  DC Astrology Meetup
Westmont, NJ  Cosmic Astrology Association
Saugerties, NY Mid-Hudson NCGR
Long Island, NY  Long Island NCGR
NCGR, New York City* NCGR New York City
NCGR -Annapolis Chapter* Annapolis NCGR
NCGR -Baltimore Chapter* Baltimore NCGR

New Crescent Moon over the Blue Ridge Mountains -Illumination Tour 2011

2010 Purgation tour
Astrological Association of St Louis AAStL
Aquarian Organization of Astrologers Kansas City
Arizona Society of Astrologers (ASA) Phoenix
Tucson Astrologers Guild TAG
NCGR Albuquerque Enchantment Chapter

Full Moon rising in Sedona -Purgation Tour 2010

Various local events: (2000-2009)
Tidewater NCGR* Va Beach
Richmond NCGR* NCGR-Richmond-Chapter
Raleigh NCGR -NTA* Network of Triangle Astrologers
NCGR -Annapolis Chapter* Annapolis NCGR
Asheville Friends of Astrology* AFOA
The Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society MAAS
Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship of NC SFF
NCGR, New York City* NCGR New York City

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