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Commune with The Goddess

For years, one of the top rated and top ranked Astrology Podcasts on iTunes!
Goddess Astrology Podcast

Tune in to discover the transformative power of The Goddess in the Archetypal journeys of Venus and the other Olympian Goddesses -Ceres, Vesta, Juno and Pallas

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Goddess Astrology Podcast is the first and only astrology podcast devoted to empowering and balancing the Sacred Feminine within you!

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The original Olympians consisted of 6 Gods and 6 Goddesses. Therefore, I dedicate this series to the Re-birth of The Goddess & her Re-Union and Integration with the Gods.      Dea Favente Perennis! (Enduring by favor of the Goddess)

Here is my article from The Mountain Astrologer (issue #146 Aug/Sep 2009)      Goddess Astrology Revisioned: Transformation via the Sacred Feminine

The Synergy of Pallas Athene with Uranus-Pluto -view exactly as published in the June/July '12 issue of TMA (#163)

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I welcome love offerings or magickal tithings from patrons, benefactors and all other angels awaiting their wings!

Jord by Agnes Olson

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