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Astrology Articles

Gary frequently publishes in various prominent Astrological journals and websites. Gary’s work has appeared in: The Mountain Astrologer, The Astrological Journal, Considerations, The International Astrologer, Geocosmic Journal, The Ascendant, Horoscope Guide, Wellbeing Astrology Guide, and Planet Waves -among others. An Archive of some of Gary's work can be found below.

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Cosmos and Chaos: Perpetual Tides of the Venus-Mars Epoch -An Astro-historiographical Documentary Essay, Part I
-as published in the 2014 issue of The Ascendant

Exploring Venus, Juno and Neptune as the Relationship Trinity
-as published in the Jan/Feb '13 issue of The Astrological Journal

The Synergy of Pallas Athene with Uranus-Pluto
-as published in the June/July '12 issue of TMA (#163)

Goddess Astrology Revisioned: Transformation via the Sacred Feminine -as published in the Aug/Sep '09 issue of TMA (#146)

Saturn Opposite Uranus & the 4 Paths of the Hero Archetype -as published in the June/July '08 issue of TMA (#139)

The Predictive Impact of Astrological Cycles on Psychological Development -as published in the Summer Solstice 2008 edition of Geocosmic Journal

Avian Flu: Pandemic or Paranoia?
-as published in the Spring 2006 edition of Considerations

Saturn's Perihelion 2003: The Year of the Scythe?
-as published in the Dec/Jan '03 issue of TMA (#106)

Some websites with articles by Gary:

The Mountain Astrologer website - an archive of my blog posts for TMA

Planet Waves -an archive of my blog posts for Planet Waves

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