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Astrology Articles

Gary frequently publishes in various prominent Astrological journals and websites. Gary’s work has appeared in: The Mountain Astrologer, The Astrological Journal, Considerations, The International Astrologer, Geocosmic Journal, Horoscope Guide, Wellbeing Astrology Guide, and Planet Waves -among others.

A Free archive of some of Gary's older work can be found below.
(more recent works available for download via the special offers page)

Jupiter and Mercury setting above the Smokies
Image © copyright 2010 Gary P Caton -all rights reserved ®

Some popular Journal articles by Gary

Saturn Opposite Uranus & the 4 Paths of the Hero Archetype
-as published in the June/July '08 issue of TMA (#139)

The Predictive Impact of Astrological Cycles on Psychological Development -as published in the Summer Solstice 2008 edition of Geocosmic Journal

Avian Flu: Pandemic or Paranoia?
-as published in the Spring 2006 edition of Considerations

Saturn's Perihelion 2003: The Year of the Scythe?
-as published in the Dec/Jan '03 issue of TMA (#106)

Some websites with articles by Gary:

The Mountain Astrologer website - an archive of my blog posts for TMA - an archive of my articles for

Planet Waves -an archive of my blog posts for Planet Waves

More Free Astrology Articles!

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