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Astrology Mentorships

Want to Learn Astrology in a structured environment which leads to certification? Gary is an instructor and Dean of Preliminary Education for the International Academy of Astrology click here for more info about IAA's extensive programs 

Want a more fluid learning experience?  Help yourself to my many years of Experience and Education with a self-guided Astrology Mentorship!

student diagram inspired by Gary's teachings on the classical rulerships.

student diagram inspired by Gary's teachings on the 4 qualities

Here's the video class that inspired the above diagram!

Come discover the many layers of meanings in this elegant, Taoist-like system from a consummate professional!

Take my 7 week beginners course, guiding you through all the fundamentals of the system with exclusive one-on-one attention, downloads/handouts and quizzes -for only $300. (7th class is Free!)

Self-Guided Astrology Mentorships: Learn the Language of the Soul!

With this program you will have at your disposal the mentorship of a consummate Professional Astrologer to offer tools, examples, and resources with which you can explore all your questions. We will develop a program of study specifically tailored to your interests and strengths. I look forward to discovering and co-creating with you!

Astrology Mentorships are a great Value! You get the undivided personal attention of a Professional Astrologer at Bargain rates! Mentorships are billed at $50 per 60 minute session for those who book several sessions in advance.

Click below to book 4 sessions ($200 total)

-or $300 total to book 6 sessions in advance.

Mentorship Sessions can be 1 or 2 times per week or month.  All Mentorships include e-mail and telephone/skype access to your Mentor/Guide as well as access to all my Professional Services, including: In-depth Natal Interpretation & Forecast,  Personalized Astrology Calendars, Professional Astrology Reports, and other study materials -as needed.

For those who want to study in between sessions, a reading list and homework can be provided. Professional development skills can be explored including: practice with real clients, website development, marketing, writing and research.

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