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Each month my subscribers receive premium content to supplement my Free podcast. This may include video, audio and/or multi-media articles/reports. These are updated monthly and delivered via e-mail and/or web links. Only 33 cents/day keeps you up to speed on all the Heavenly Happenings for the 7 visible planets each month. What a fantastic value!

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Now I'm offering an additional level to subscribe! At the weekly level, you get the monthly content, PLUS instant access to ALL my premium content archives (which includes the entire Mercury, Alchemy and Venus vaults below and more), PLUS special reduced consult rate of only $1/min, PLUS after we meet my first fundraising goal I'll deliver weekly Horoscopes via e-mail for a year! Click on the link below for more details on this incredible offer!

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A la Carte: Professional Astrology lectures/reports -only $10 each!; $50/bundle

For those who wish to pick and choose, I'll try to keep the premium material available for purchase by item or bundle so you may order at your convenience.  Individual lectures/reports available by download or online access. Bundles available via online access only (links you can view and listen to on your computer)

Cycles of Mercury: Transformation & the Trickster

Mercury & our Epoch: It has been said that we live in the Information Age. How we process and deliver information is crucial to our success in this rapid paced technological World. The planet Mercury definitely has a trans-personal or collective dimension. He was an important player in many of the major myths and he often shows up in important events as well. Mercury is a major player in defining the needs of the Epoch within which we live.

Mercury & your personal mental chemistry: The importance of Mercury to the current Epoch also makes it very important to gain a deeper understanding of how Mercury functions in your own chart! This workshop will take you past simplistic sign and house delineations by giving an outline of the entire Mercury cycle. Were you born while he was Morning Star, Evening Star or invisible in the Underworld? How does this combine with your Moon speed to create a particular information processing style? How can you make allowances for your own and your clients styles?

Mercury Elemental Year: Another extremely powerful technique, which I call the Mercury Elemental Year. There are 3 Mercury retrogrades each year and 4-6 consecutive Rx periods occur within one astrological Element. In this workshop, you’ll see the underlying patterns behind Mercury’s retrogrades and learn to harness their transformative power in your own life via the 4 Elements.

Mercury & The Emerald Tablet: *(available only in bundle)*
I reveal not one but two previously undiscovered secrets of Mercury's cycle which correspond with the ancient mystical document the Tabula Smaragdina or Emerald Tablet, also called The Secret of Hermes and attributed to the legendary Hermes Trismegistus. Contrary to popular belief, the Emerald Tablet does not say “As above, so below.” Come, find out what it does say, how this applies directly to Mercury's cycles, and what you can do to harness this energy for personal transformation!

Making the most of Mercury Retrograde: *(available only in bundle)*
To everything there is a Season, and it is through the lens of Mercury's visual or synodic cycle that we can understand the Seasons of Mercury and the best use of his retrogrades. We will outline the 4 month cycle of Mercury's visible appearance as morning and then evening star, to see and understand what awareness and activities are favored during each of these seasons. This allows us to see, understand and make use of Mercury retrogrades as highly purposeful and valuable periods for personal growth and transformations.

Mercury bundle: If you want to tap my entire Mercury archives, I'll include the Emerald Tablet talk, the Mercury Retrograde talk AND several more bonus lectures and written reports, -all for the same price you would pay for any 4 lectures and report individually!

Mercury lectures/reports

Alchemy: A Journey towards Wholeness via the 7 step process of Transformation
by Gary Caton and Jim Rodgers *(available as bundle only)*
In this lecture series, Gary and Jim lay out the seven operations of Alchemy, as described by Dennis Hauck in his book The Emerald Tablet. In each of the 7 lectures, Jim and Gary explore the planetary correlations for the operation (both in the classical Chaldean order -popularized by Paracelsus in the Renaissance -as well as the modern Heliocentric order of planets), provide example astrology charts, offer descriptions and interpretations of the energies involved and give practical examples for the listener to activate these energies in themselves. A bonus lecture on practical alchemy is included as well as 3 bonus written reports and links to material from various websites for further study.

Venus: Transformation & The Journey of the Heroine *available as bundle only*

Venus is the closest planet to Earth, the brightest object in the sky, after the Sun and Moon and the source of our most ancient myth. Yet it seems that somehow She has been largely ignored by modern astrologers in favor of the generational planets. A detailed study of Venus can re-invigorate our lives with Her sense of beauty, harmony and unity.

This workshop will add tremendous depth to your understanding of this most crucial planet. More than 11 hrs of audio w/powerpoint and 74 pgs of articles/reports! 

In this series, you will learn:
- how to perform both a classical and modern analysis of Venus and her potential in a chart
- how to discern the level of the Soul's desire to actualize the archetype of Venus
-how to discern the morning star, underworld and evening star phases of Venus, and how to work with each of these, both from pov of client and astrologer
- how to identify and use the pre-natal conjunction of Venus as a deep hidden reservoir of Venusian energy in the chart
- an in depth correlation of Venus' cycle with the famed myth of Inanna.
- how to use the cycles of Venus for personal transformation/growth.


Goddess Astrology: Transformation via the Sacred Feminine $10

A look at Innana/Ishtar/Venus and Demeter/Ceres as pre-olympian indicators of Transformation and Re-birth. Also the asteroids Vesta, Pallas and Juno as indicative of three steps in this process of transformation. This profoundly archetypal process is mirrored in the triple way of mysticism, the three classic phases of alchemy, the way of the shaman, and even in the phases of birth labor! As celebrity examples, I focus on Pallas in the charts of the Monterey and Woodstock festivals -both the events themselves and many of the artists involved -illustrating how to use these energies for personal transformation. This is over 105 minutes of video -what a bargain!


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