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Lecture bundles

Cycles of Mercury: Transformation & the Trickster 
6 cutting edge lectures + bonus audio totaling 15 hours!

In this series you will learn:
-how Mercury is a major player in defining the needs of the Epoch within which we live.
-were you born while Mercury was Morning Star, Evening Star or invisible in the Underworld
-the patterns and cycle of Mercury’s retrogrades and how to harness their transformative power in your life via the 4 Elements.
-what the source of the quote “As above, so below” actually says, how this applies to Mercury's cycles, and how you can harness this energy for personal transformation!
-how to make the most of Mercury retrogrades.

-what Renaissance era alchemical images tell us about the 6 pointed star Mercury traces in the sky each year.

Alchemy: A Journey towards Wholeness via the 7 step process of Transformation
by Gary Caton and Jim Rodgers
In this lecture series, Gary and Jim lay out the seven operations of Alchemy, as described by Dennis Hauck in his book The Emerald Tablet. In each of the 7 lectures, Jim and Gary explore the planetary correlations for the operation (both in the classical Chaldean order -popularized by Paracelsus in the Renaissance -as well as the modern Heliocentric order of planets), provide example astrology charts, offer descriptions and interpretations of the energies involved and give practical examples for the listener to activate these energies in themselves. A bonus lecture on practical alchemy is included as well as 3 bonus written reports and links to material from various websites for further study.

Venus: Transformation & The Journey of the Heroine

Venus is the closest planet to Earth, the brightest object in the sky, after the Sun and Moon and the source of our most ancient myth. Yet it seems that somehow She has been largely ignored by modern astrologers in favor of the generational planets. A detailed study of Venus can re-invigorate our lives with Her sense of beauty, harmony and unity.

This workshop will add tremendous depth to your understanding of this most crucial planet. More than 11 hrs of audio w/powerpoint and 74 pgs of articles/reports! 

In this series, you will learn:
- how to perform both a classical and modern analysis of Venus and her potential in a chart
- how to discern the level of the Soul's desire to actualize the archetype of Venus
-how to discern the morning star, underworld and evening star phases of Venus, and how to work with each of these, both from pov of client and astrologer
- how to identify and use the pre-natal conjunction of Venus as a deep hidden reservoir of Venusian energy in the chart
- an in depth correlation of Venus' cycle with the famed myth of Inanna.
- how to use the cycles of Venus for personal transformation/growth.


The Venus-Mars cycle: Beyond the 7 year itch

Gary unveils fascinating new discoveries and insights into both long and short term Venus-Mars cycles! This material pioneers new frames of reference, revealing the collective, group and personal interpretive contexts within which the individual horoscope or birth chart resides. Come find out what Venus and Mars have to say about your life, your groups and relationships and the Times in which you live!

We begin by reviewing the philosophical foundations of western astrology and how the archetypal natures of Venus and Mars fit into this framework. Next we put on our modern astrological glasses and explore the 300 year cycle or Epoch that Venus and Mars trace across the historical record, and learn about how to interpret charts within the context of the historical Epoch to which they belong.

Next we dial in our lens to narrow in on the year of birth and what part of an individual Venus-Mars cycle it belongs to. Next we dial down even further to the 24 hours surrounding birth and determine which planet is leading the way in this diurnal rotation. Finally we look at what this tells us about the individual's role within the larger Epoch

Also includes video, bonus talks and an 18,000 word astro-historiographical essay tracing the Venus-Mars epoch across 2500 years.

The Lunar Nodes and Eclipses
A collection of my popular talks on using Rahu & Ketu for personal empowerment. We take a look at the mythology of Eclipses and the astronomy of the Eclipse as a Shadow phenomenon and a disruption of the dark/light fractal of Time. We also cover the basic mechanics of the Lunar Nodes and bendings and
identify Nodal themes in the chart. We will learn how the Dragon’s Head is bringing in new energy for growth and the Dragon’s tail is releasing old energy which is no longer useful.

We will then cover the basic mechanics of Eclipses including the Saros and Metonic series. Since each Saros series has a birth chart, the individual Eclipses carry this signature as well as their own unique chart. I will also outline the history of different Saros series with regard to both national and celebrity charts. Finally some info and history on Metonic cycles, which contain 4-5 eclipses that repeat near the same degrees every 19 years.

An Updated Three Dimensional Model of Planetary Motion
This series contains in-depth cutting edge lectures on each of the 5 classical planets, their nodes, latitude cycle and retrograde loops. My pioneering research into the actual celestial mechanics of planetary motion demonstrates that by understanding the little known concepts of planetary nodes, the latitude cycle and retrograde loops, we gain a heretofore unseen holistic and unified picture of planetary motion. By going beyond the single dimension of celestial longitude (east/west motion along the ecliptic/zodiac) and expanding into an understanding and incorporation of the vertical dimension of planetary motion known as celestial latitude, we tap tremendous potentials for adding nuance to both predictive and psychological delineations.

Asteroid Goddesses
A collection of my popular talks, articles and videos containing unique research and application of the asteroids. Includes historical and celebrity chart analysis as well as formulas for individual chart delineation and experiential growth and transformation via the Goddess principles. 

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