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Credentials & Testimonials

Gary P. Caton  has studied and practiced an eclectic Spirituality for an entire Saturn cycle (29 years). Gary earned a B.S. in Counseling from ODU with highest honors in 2002 and afterward served as a Qualified Mental Health Professional in NC for several years. Gary has developed a unique trans-disciplinary Astrology practice over the last 25 years, while also frequently publishing articles, teaching and speaking on Astrology world-wide. Gary has been an active, respected member of several astrological professional associations, and always endeavors to uphold the astrological communities highest professional standards.

This is some of what others have had to say about consulting with Gary:

Thanks again for your remarkable insight and vision. You have the capacity to open portals of awareness and possibility for me that seem comparable to the sum of 10 years of therapy. Very powerful, fearless, and rich with love. I felt like I was standing straighter and walking taller, after speaking with you, than I have in weeks, and toward a place of light and relief I can believe in. Your medicine is potent indeed.
-S in MN

Gary possesses a sublime balance of the head and the heart — both highly developed and attuned; and he embodies the masculine in such a beautiful and rare way that it fully honors the sacred feminine. Gary is a brilliant mind with a seemingly endless source of knowledge from which to draw. Yet he is also a sensitive heart, in touch with feelings, and revealing an intensely caring, passionate, and compassionate approach. The way Gary incorporates astronomy, mythology, psychology, alchemy, shamanism, humor, and his own unique spirit into his astrological practice and teaching is deeply enriching and continuously illuminating. Working with Gary has helped me to see myself, both my shadow and my divinity, through the lens of his keen clarity and loving presence, which has been a gift and truly healing.
-M in Asheville, NC

"Our recorded session blows my mind as things unfold and how they relate to what you were saying. I am forever grateful to you and the work you have done and continue to do to help others. You have been a catalyst in the most profound and beneficial change in my life. I have also been experiencing the use of abilities, gifts and talents previously unimaginable....All this is being put to use in helping others in many ways, as well as assisting in this shift of consciousness and the 'whole.' In helping me, you have helped many. You are one of the brightest Stars I have encountered in our Galaxy"  - M in FL

I am actually speechless after this reading.  I expected it to be powerful just from what I heard listening to your podcasts, but you far far exceeded my expectations. I can honestly say that you have probably been the most influential person in helping me uncover my personal myth. You are definitely connected to the Goddess energy. Your excitement flames the sparks that gets those who listen to you up off their butts and answering that call to adventure! -Z in USA

I can't recommend it enough. The insight and wisdom shared is practical and can change your life immediately. It is incredibly healing and empowering. A consult with Gary is a life changing experience! He's helped myself and my children in so many ways. I am deeply thankful for his gift of innovative and evolutionary wisdom.
V in California

On my Journey, when I have reached out for help, the concrete results have never been this good! I thank you for sharing your talent, skills, energy and time in sacred service to me and all who find you!
-V in Ontario

This Reading helped me move from a place of confusion to excitement of possibilities. It is difficult to express in words the gratitude I  feel for the loving support and and guidance. -M in USA

The counsel I received from Gary was absolutely the best I've experienced! After only one session, I truly feel my life path has been illuminated. -C
in Asheville, NC

All too rarely in a person's life a bright spark appears to light the way. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for your insights and revelations, presented with true gentle, nurturing goddess energy. This catalytic energy you injected into my psyche will reverberate through the cosmos in ways I can't even begin to fathom. The mastery flows from you with such ease and grace that it is a joy and a blessing!
-Y Toronto

Please rest assured I have the professional ability to handle any question you may ask. I come to the consultation already knowing much about your chart through my strong intuition and unique Astrology techniques and experience. I spend a good bit of time with your chart before the consult even begins. Here are some examples of the kind of insight you can expect us to begin the reading with.

These examples were participants in an early research study of mine using "blind readings," where I was given birth data only - absolutely no personal information!
Imagine what we can accomplish, as I gently introduce these kinds of deep insights into the consult and compassionately assist you in transforming your experience using my professional Astrology & Consulting skills and diverse Life experience.

1) In both your personal and professional lives, you are here to ground some very erratic, electric energies. You may be here as a guide or lightning rod for these types -helping them to ground their energy and make something productive of it. You may end up living and working with/for someone like this.

Reply: Spot on from an "events" viewpoint re the grounding erractic personalities and events -- my last long-term relationship was with a brilliant and very unstable person (I grounded/centered him and left!) and my work -- well, I'm a human rights/public interest lawyer, so erratic and cutting-edge law has been my field for the last 10 years.

2) I see a signature that often signals problems with the father being overpowering. and perhaps a "ghost -child' placment -where you arrived in the birth order after a child who died.

Reply: I didn't know my dad till I was 11 and he was a drill instructor.. our relationship is better now but he was very much overpowering… don't think I know anything about this (ghost-child) before me.. however I had a baby die before my first child was born.

3) Your psychological challenge seems to be around inability to trust and insistence on being too smart for love -this is not your fault -you were probably wounded deeply in Erikson's trust vs. mistrust stage -but your sarcastic wit is not making you happy I wager…you could indeed be one who takes God as a mate; so to speak....

Reply: Yes, very accurate indeed...I am very spiritual, but definitely enjoy human companionship. My mother, however, was a nun for a short time when she was very young so I find that interesting. I have a deep inability to trust. DEEP. Sarcastic wit - right on...

4) There is a spiritual or mystical side… showing the dichotomy of life - the dichotomy of the rich few vs. the not rich masses -the dichotomy of the land of plenty vs. the ruination that must fuel this

Reply: very interesting since, having become disabled at 40, I HAVE seen both sides. I was trashed by a contaminated product that killed some and disabled many and for 4 years I had to worry whether I could get Social Security for a weird syndrome and whether I'd win my lawsuit with the offending company, one of 10,000 suits they had. After I did win and bought and remodeled a house with the money, I made a pile selling the house during the, lost a chunk in the stock market a few months later, did another house and had to sell it etc. So it's been kind of feast and famine and very interesting to be both helpless, broke and unable to earn a living and powerful with 6 figures in the bank.

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