Want to Learn Astrology the "old school" way -via one on one instruction from a consummate professional? Help yourself to my many years of Experience and Education with a guided Astrology Mentorship!

diagram inspired by Gary's teachings on the classical rulerships.

diagram inspired by Gary's teachings on the 4 qualities

Here's the video class that inspired the above diagram!

Come discover the many layers of meanings in this elegant, Taoist-like system from a consummate professional!

Take my 7 week beginners course, guiding you through all the fundamentals of the system with exclusive one-on-one attention, downloads/handouts and quizzes -for only $300. (7th class is Free!)

Guided Astrology Mentorships: Learn the Language of the Soul!

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With this program you will have at your disposal the mentorship of a consummate Professional Astrologer to offer tools, examples, and resources with which you can explore all your questions. We will develop a program of study specifically tailored to your interests and strengths. I look forward to discovering and co-creating with you!

Astrology Mentorships are a great Value! You get the undivided personal attention of a Professional Astrologer at Bargain rates! Mentorships are billed at $50 per 60 minute session for those who book several sessions in advance.

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Mentorship Sessions can be 1 or 2 times per week or month.  All Mentorships include e-mail and zoom classroom access to your Mentor/Guide as well as access to all my Professional Services, including: In-depth Natal Interpretation & Forecast,  Personalized Astrology Calendars, Professional Astrology Reports, and other study materials -as needed.

For those who want to study in between sessions, a reading list and homework can be provided. Professional development skills can be explored including: practice with real clients, website development, marketing, writing and research.