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In Fall/Winter 2016-17 Rubedo Press will be publishing the first volume in my new collection Hermetica Triptycha - an exciting new series on the astronomical implications of the planet Mercury! Each volume of the Hermetica Triptycha explores a unique dimension of this multifaceted planetary divinity, bringing ancient knowledge to life for a modern audience.

In 2012 I was a contributing author to the collection Astrology: The New Generation. This exciting new book is receiving rave reviews! My essay covers the Visual cycle of Venus through the lens of an evolutionary cycle of growth that I compare to the famous myth of Inanna.

Since 1997, the one reference I use on a daily basis is Tom Roma's datebook

I recommend always checking your local used bookstore first, but you can check out my Amazon profile for reviews I've written and to see what I'm reading, recommending and wishing for!

And check out this list of Free web reading:

Dane Rudhyar: The Pulse of Life -Long out of print and hard to find, this gem is absolutely one of the best basic astrology texts ever written

Palden Jenkins: Living In Time -a wonderful expose on Time, learning Astrology, Cycles and Choice.

Here is a wonderful Video to accompany one of my favorite academic works: The Alphabet versus the Goddess, by Leonard Shlain

Here is a web page to accompany one of my favorite books on Mythic structure: The Writer's Journey, by Christopher Vogler