Bargain priced Astrology Reports -these go for $20 or more elsewhere!

Heaven Knows What Report:
This report synthesizes the acclaimed material of legendary Astrologer Grant Lewi. Includes insightful interpretations of your birth chart from his classics, Heaven Knows What and Astrology for the Millions -along with a personalized forecast. At just $10 -you absolutely can't beat the value! Makes a great gift and fantastic introduction to Astrology.
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Goddess Astrology Report:
This report outlines the 4 Asteroid Goddesses: Ceres, Vesta,  Pallas and Juno -as well as the  Mentor/Healer planet Chiron in your personal birth-chart. This report makes a great introduction to the material for the FREE Goddess Astrology Podcast and is just $10!

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Solar Return Yearly Forecast report:
This is a detailed analysis of the Solar Return -the yearly chart cast at the moment of your Birth-Day! Includes insightful analysis as well as specific advice and dates for maximizing your benefit. At just $10 it's a fantastic value and makes a great birthday present!
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Relocation Reports:
These reports give you a detailed analysis of the energetic climate you may experience in any given locality.
Also, comes with a Forecast (current transits and progressions to the relocated chart). Easy to read, very informative - and only $10!

Fixed Star Interpretation
This report analyzes the individual stars at your birth. Makes a fantastic introduction to the fixed stars.
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Compatibility Report:
This report is for people who are considering dating or have just begun courtship and want to see their synastry -or how their Stars get along.

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Personalized Astrology Forecast Calendars:

I can create personalized Astrology Calendars to help you follow the Cosmic Weather Forecast. These reports take all the calculation work out of following the planetary interaction with your personal Horoscope.

Keeping up with the celestial movements and journaling your experiences can be a tremendous learning and personal growth experience.
So, these Calendars will make a Fantastic Gift for any Astrology enthusiast!!

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A Full years Calendars and highlight report -$10 for all!