I'm a full time professional Astrologer tending an active and intimate spiritual relationship with the living Sky as my temple. I have a full Saturn cycle (28 years) experience practicing astrology, a degree in Counseling with highest honors and bring years of experience as a Qualified Mental Health Professional in NC. I also have decades of rich life experience as a traveler, spiritual seeker, entrepreneur, home-owner and business partner. I'm happy and honored to share all this in sacred service to the Gods & Goddesses, the Sky and of course you, and your Dream!

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In my early 20's, disillusioned, out of money, and without desire to accumulate a mountain of debt, I left school to 'see the world'. I came to know, and love, the freedom of the open road. Traveling with only my guitar and a blanket for possessions, I came to trust my instincts, resourcefulness, and the Universe in a deep, profound way.

Scorpius and Saturn setting over the Blue Ridge Parkway near Cold Mountain, NC
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Along my way I met many people eager to help. They offered food, rides, work, but rarely advice. Some told me they admired me for doing something they had always dreamed of. Many shared with me their own deep personal experiences, and it is these memories that eventually brought me to study the counseling arts.

My Odyssey began at age 21 when I left home for Cripple Creek, Colorado, where the famous Astrologer Linda Goodman was living and had described so wonderfully in her book Star Signs (1987). I had received an intuitive message to go West and Cripple Creek sounded like a magical place.

My first stop in Colorado was at the red rock formations of the Garden of the Gods monument. Colo-Rado means red in color and the red planet Mars is ruler of my Sun sign and most of my chart. The Synchronicity amazes me to this day. Then it just felt extremely exciting and -Right on!

I never met Linda Goodman, though she was said to frequent the Inn where I found a job, nevertheless I had a wonderful, magical time in Cripple Creek. One rainy night, some friends decided to search for some caves they had been told were nearby -and asked me to come along. We had only very general directions, and though it was dark and raining, very soon I saw a flash of light out of the corner of my eye and said, to my own surprise, 'this is the way to the caves'. Even more surprising -we shortly found them! We had another friend still on the way, so I volunteered to meet them back at the car to show them the way.

Avignon Cave Art

Accompanied by another friend, I waited and watched the swirling night sky clear to reveal a bright Full Moon. Engrossed in this spectacle of Nature, I became entranced. Presently I began to observe faintly luminous grid-lines of light, similar to the one that led us to the caves. These lines spread over everything, resembling the framework behind a hologram. As soon as I made this mental connection... the clouds began to swirl in what appeared to be an organized fashion, gathering in front of the Full Moon. Brilliantly lit, the clouds metamorphosed into a face -easily recognized by the classical features as none other than Zeus! (Jupiter = Zeus-Pater, Dyeus Pater or "bright father")

At this point, I was shocked and amazed to the degree that I thought to look at my buddy. He gazed back at me in gleeful astonishment, nodding his head, confirming this Vision. I was so amazed that I didn't know what to say. I spent the rest of the evening with a quiet grin on my face. We never talked about our vision, but I know that my companion mentioned it to his roommate because later that night at the bar, he bought me a drink, and with a knowing wink, toasted me saying 'the Nectar of the Gods'. We both laughed heartily. I would not fully realize the symbolic import of this Vision for quite some time.

Mt. Sneffels Range

 One day I decided to climb one of the acclaimed 14,000 ft. mountains in the vicinity. I came to see the very literal equivalent of what psychologist Abraham Maslow calls a "peak experience." Up there it is tremendously quiet. Every sound is muffled by the thin air, yet profound in its singularity. The view was incredible, a magnificent panorama of endless peaks receding before me ablaze with fall color. It seemed as if I could see the curvature of the Earth. As I looked down whence I came, I realized how incredibly small my personal problems were in the face of this totality of Being that is planet Earth.

My Odyssey continued across a few years and several trips to the west slope of the Rocky Mountains and through California, New Mexico, and Arizona. Somewhere along the way I was given a deck of Tarot cards by a kind soul who said I looked wise.

The Star, from -The Alchemical Tarot

Soon I had another valuable tool in my repertoire. I began learning the Tarot deck and reading about various New Age concepts, but nothing at all about Astrology. Then, after becoming reasonably proficient with reading the Tarot, in 1993 my life was changed forever. It was at this time that I found Astrology, -or it found me.

I began to have a series of very vivid, symbolic dreams. In the final one, I was lying on my back in an enormous field of green grass with the Sun directly overhead (like the scene for the template of this website!). I love to do this, and while enjoying myself I noticed that I could look right at the Sun. Emblazoned in the Solar disk was the symbol for Venus.

image from my Dream of April 1, 1993

I instinctively knew this dream was telling me something, so I obtained an ephemeris and gradually deduced that the planet Venus had been transiting in conjunction with the Sun on that very day! Wow, my astonishment continued and I found that I took to Astrology like a fish to water and began to devour every bit of information I could find. The Synodic cycle of Venus with the Sun was extremely important to Babylonian and Mayan Astrologers, and Venus is extremely important in my Horoscope -being at the Vernal Point, conjunct Mercury, and forming a square to the Sun/Moon midpoint.

Gary P. Caton's natal chart
The Sun is trine Jupiter -showing Jupiter to be nearing the Direct Station
4/5 personal planets are applying in aspect to Jupiter -giving "Testimony"

Now that I am an Astrologer, I know that this period of time coincided with my second Jupiter return. Jupiter had completed two revolutions of the Sun and again returned to the spot he occupied at my birth.  Also occurring at this time, and reinforcing the symbolism, was a key progression. The horoscope is 'progressed' or moved forward and each day forward from birth symbolizes a year in development. So aspects made twenty-four days after birth would be symbolically important in the twenty-fourth year of life. In my twenty-fourth year Jupiter made significant movement by progression.

In the glyph for Jupiter, the Crescent of Soul rises above the Cross of Matter

In my nativity, Jupiter is a key planet. He receives "testimony" from Mercury, Venus, the Sun and Mars -and they all complete aspects to him before they leave their sign. After stationing direct by progression, Jupiter was emerging from an inner, subjective journey at this time. I was born with the Sun in wide trine to Jupiter retrograde. This signifies a nearby Station -and the burden of the Quest, or the Call to Adventure -which I so clearly heard. Jupiter Stationed by progression at age twelve, and returned in direct motion to the natal position at age twenty-four -reinforcing the transiting Jupiter return. Is it any wonder this symbol played such a huge part in my creative awakening?!!!

Since my awakening I have spent the last 25 years in constant study, seeking mastery of the subject which Spirit led me to explore via my Dream. I have learned and mastered many of the complex secrets behind not only modern forms of astrology, but also medieval, hellenistic and mesopotamian astrology.

Bighorn Ram near Wheeler Peak, NM -from my Purgation Tour 2010

My journey has taken me back across 5,000 yrs of history, thru all the various cultures astrology has been a part of, and back again. This has made me into a consummate professional, yet my journey continues! I am now involved in delivering lectures all over the World, writing books, developing software and holding conferences to distill this gathered wisdom and pass it on to future generations.

If you want to get a better feel for my style in live interaction, here's a video of myself with a couple other Astrologers telling stories around a Fire


the full 91 minute interview I donated to the documentary film Return of the Magi

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